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Wexner Heritage Program

Jewish learning and leadership development for volunteer leaders in North America


Wexner Heritage Alumni: powerful social change agents across North America

The more than 2,000 alumni of the Wexner Heritage Program are top lay leaders at the local, national, and international level. They may be president of their synagogue, Federation or JCC; they may have founded a day school or chair its annual campaign. They may be on the board of JFNA or JDC, chair the American side of NGO’s working for minority rights in Israel, or head their city’s Limmud or Jewish Film Festival. They may see the need for a new organization and start it; they may see the need for a new way of doing something in an existing organization, and they implement it.

While alumni of the Wexner Heritage program clearly are diverse, they share some important overarching values: collaboration, inclusion, a dedication to Jewish text and tradition informing their communal agendas, and excellence. They share top characteristics of great leaders: vision, talent, grit, and optimism.

  • Mr. Mark Bilski

    NY/Westchester 07
  • Ms. Sarita Korn Bronstein

    Palo Alto 03
  • Mr. Bernard Cohen

  • Ms. Valerie Diker

  • Mr. Dan Doctoroff

    New York 3
  • Mr. Jeff Ori Feig

    New York 16
  • Mr. Marty Friedman

    San Francisco 08
  • Mr. Brian Gelfand

  • Mr. Larry Gellman

  • Mr. Nimrod Goor

    San Francisco 06
  • Ms. Marilyn Hamburg Grossman

  • Mr. Gary L. Hammer

    Palo Alto 03
  • Dr. David L. Harold

  • Mr. Dan Raymond Kaufman

    New England 14
  • Ms. Caroline Kelly

    Los Angeles 09
  • Mr. Mark B Kravitz

    Miami 11
  • Ms. Marie Krulewitch- Browne

    Cincinnati 19
  • Matthew Lieberman

    Atlanta 10
  • Mr. Stephen R. Lippy

    St. Louis
  • Michelle Meiches

    Dallas 13
  • Cheston Mizel

    Los Angeles 09
  • Judge Susan M. Moiseev

  • Mrs. Kerry Shanna Newman

    New York 16
  • Mr. Alan Pines

    MetroWest, NJ 08
  • Mr. Jonathan Raiffe

    Miami 11
    Past Delegate
  • Ms. Emily Scharfman

    New York 16
  • Ms. Marian Scheuer Sofaer

    San Francisco 1
  • Mr. Ben R. Sillins

    Atlanta 05
  • Ms. Lisa Soicher

    Denver 08
  • Michael T Sosebee

    East Bay 10