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Wexner Senior Leaders

Intensive Leadership Development for Leaders in Israel

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The application process for class 2020 is now closed. Registration for Wexner Senior Leadership (WSL) Program 2021 will open in June 2020. 

The application process includes several stages: 

  1. Eligibility Form 
  2. Application Form & English test. 
  3. Cohort Selection (Round Tables)


1. Eligibility Form

The Eligibility Form allows the Foundation to determine whether the candidate meets the criteria for applying to the Senior Leadership Program.


  • Hold a senior level position within Israel’s public service sector, including; the civil service, local government, government agencies and security forces.
  • Have a public service employment expectancy of 3 years or more. (Candidates must commit to working in Israel's public sector for at least three years following graduation from the program).
  • Hold a Masters degree or higher.
  • Function comfortably in an academic, English language setting.

2. Application Form & English Test

In the application form candidates will provide personal and career information, references and a letter of approval from the public service employer in order to participate in the program.

Candidates will be required to pass an internal English language competency test.

3. Interviews

Interviews by the program’s selection committee will be held in November. Final decisions are announced shortly afterwards.


If you have any questions, please contact Sivan Shani, Wexner Senior Leaders Program Manager:


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